Existing Product Support

In addition, our specialty pharmacy services can help you maximize opportunity within your current product portfolio.The services listed below are an example of the ways in which we can support you in this endeavor.



  • Educating patients, pharmacists, physicians, and nurses about the value your product brings to the market.
  • Provide counseling that is intended to avoid adverse events, and if they occur mitigate the impact as quickly as possible.
  • Provide nursing services to ensure that your patients are utilizing the medication in the most appropriate manner to ensure positive outcomes.
  • Monitor compliance and persistency to allow your product the best opportunity for positive outcomes.
  • Proactively manage refills so that the opportunity for positive outcomes is maximized.
  • Provide financial assistance and billing support


Our clinical management strategies allow us to: deliver enhanced outcomes that benefit our manufacturer partners and the market presence of their products.


  • Through analysis of each patients’ medical history and prior therapies.
  • Risk assessment and viability therapeutic recommendations.
  • Development of an individualized care plan for each patient based on our initial risk stratification.
  • Comprehensive ongoing assessments of patient status allows for timely and efficient interventions and physician engagement.
  • Quality assurance program allows program quality and consistency.