Manufacturers increased emphasis on identifying therapies classified as specialty pharmaceuticals has created a heightened demand for specialty pharmacies to participate in manufacturers’ drug-specific adverse event reporting programs.


As the number of patients using specialty pharmaceuticals continues to increase due to recent approvals or expanded indications, it is becoming even more important for the specialty pharmacy industry and manufacturers to create alignment on adverse event reporting.


  • Customized adverse event reporting capabilities allows manufacturer’s to collaborate with our clinical team to develop comprehensive reporting programs that achieve their goals.
  • Mitigation strategies
  • Management techniques to help patients manage adverse events.
  • Our clinicians practicing in specialty pharmacies can educate patients on their specialty disease state and the role of their prescribed specialty pharmaceutical.
  • 24-hour clinical support, which allows for appropriate triage when a patient presents with a severe condition that requires medical attention after hours.
  • Additional communications, such as routine monthly refill calls, requests from a patient to speak to a clinician, and proactive nursing adherence calls provide additional opportunities to identify adverse events.