Clinical Management

Clinically based strategies focused on meeting the challenges presented by specialty medications


Clinical Utilization Management Support


Physician and patient education regarding disease states and therapies utilized.


Onboarding Risk Stratification to assess the needs and potential interventions required for each patient. This program allows us to utilize actionable data to more effectively manage each and every patient based on their individual needs.


Guideline based clinical review prior to initiation of therapy


  • Dosing Assessment
    • Dose
    • Interval
  • Proper indication
  • Renewal Assessment prior to continuation of therapy.


Standardized Assessments obtained at initiation to establish a baseline for future interventional decision making.

Customized program cadence allows us to optimize our patient interactions in a manner that best fits the patients need.

Quarterly review of patient’s status

Allows for early identification and intervention of disease progression.

Physician engagement allows for seamless clinical management as soon as potential progression is identified.

Case Management Programs

Integrated program that monitors therapy and therapeutic response.

Initial risk stratification of patient is performed utilizing standardized assessment tools.

  • Viral Load and SVR 12/SVR24
  • EDSS Assessment
  • ACR10/ACR20
  • Depression Assessment (PhQ9)

Patients are stratified based on their risk profile and communicated with accordingly.

Physicians are engaged as soon as barriers to therapy or overall outcome are identified.