Clinical Management

California Specialty Pharmacy specializes in medication management of complex diseases. Before we start treating a patient, we review the severity of the condition, medications prescribed, and the health insurance plan. Our pharmacists are trained to help patients simplify drug treatments. Upon the review, we then develop a unique plan of care for the patient. This plan is shared with the patient and the provider to ensure proper communication.



Here’s How CSP Helps You


  • An initial consult with a Doctor of Pharmacy when you start therapy to educate you about the medication protocol and provide a detailed explanation of the plan of care.
  • If the therapy involves injected medications, we can arrange hands-on injection training with a nurse either in your home or in a group setting so you’ll feel comfortable and confident administering your own medication injections.
  • Free delivery of medications and supplies. We can only ship to patients located in California, Nevada, Washington, Hawaii, Ohio, and Florida at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • A dose reminder system using texts, e-mail, or phone calls is available.
  • Our commitment to ethical treatment and a higher standard of care for you and your family member.